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Sell Marijuana Legally - A Complete Guide to Starting Your Business

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"Eric Nash and Wendy Little don't just grow pot legally - they wrote the book on it."
- Victoria Times Colonist, October 8, 2004.

"Eric Nash and Wendy Little, grow the healthiest legal pot in Canada."
- Canadian Press, April 27th, 2003.

Barely Legal

Monday Magazine - Fall Book Review Special Edition
Volume No. 30, Issue #47
Victoria, B.C. Canada - November 17, 2004
Book Review by John Threlfall

Gosh, when it comes to titles that pretty much say it all, youíd be hard pressed to find a book with a more self-explanatory handle than Sell Marijuana Legally: A Complete Guide to Starting Your Marijuana Business.

Because thatís pretty much what Wendy Little and Eric Nash have done here - as the owners of the federally licenced (and Island-based) medical marijuana supplier Island Harvest, Little and Nash have created a step-by-step guide to getting legally recognized as a pot grower in what they call Canadaís "billion-dollar industry."

But letís be clear about one thing: they havenít written this book so that you can grow and smoke your own stone without fear of the man. Instead, this is clearly a business plan for breaking into the new business venture of medical marijuana production and distribution... so if youíre more interested in selling for a profit, well, youíll still have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Broken down into useful and easy to read chapters - "Creating Documentation and Paperwork," "Knowing What Customers Want," "Packaging and Shipping" - Sell Marijuana Legally is perhaps the most demystifying look at this brave new world of legal pot growing that Iíve ever read.

Sure, itís not exactly what Iíd call a page-turner, but really, what business guide is? Little and Nash have wisely avoided any cutesy-folksy approach (thankfully, there are no zany cartoons of stoners) and instead concentrated on the basics people will need to get started - including how to tackle that mountain of paperwork youíll soon be faced with.

"While this book addresses issues that for you as a grower and distributor of medical cannabis are primarily business-focused topics, it is important to address the needs of the patient," they write. "The success of your business depends on meeting the needs of the consumer. The patient or consumer of medical marijuana is the primary reason the government program exists. Thatís why an open business market is essential for the benefit of consumers."

In what seems another wise move, the authors have also avoided entering into the debate on the decriminalizing of marijuana, no doubt seeing it for the legal quagmire it is - and one that probably has little impact on their business. (Indeed, when it comes to transforming potís image, industry may well succeed where civil liberties have so far failed.)

Another great feature of this book is that not only is it short, but the chapters themselves are brief and broken down into useful bullet-points ("Tips for Choosing a Cultivation Location") and sidebars (including a fascinating statement from Canada Post outlining their "lawful position to deliver medical marijuana").

Anyone thinking of moving into what may well be the Canadian business venture of the 21st century would do well to pick up a copy of Sell Marijuana Legally. Not only will you learn before you grow, but it might just save you some costly legal bills as well.

- John Threlfall

Sell Marijuana Legally
by Wendy Little and Eric Nash
BCC Communications,
92 pages, $19.95

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Hopes High for Legal Pot Business

Friday, October 8, 2004
Vancouver Sun
by Petti Fong

Couple blazes trail for growers of compassionate cannabis

Growing pot is a growing business for a Vancouver Island couple -- and they want to help others get into the same line of work.

Eric Nash and Wendy Little are among 553 people in Canada currently allowed to cultivate marijuana for medical use. They supply it to five chronically ill patients.

But Nash and Little, who run Island Harvest in the Duncan area, know those five patients are just the beginning.

They say another 30 potential customers are hoping to get federal approval to allow Island Harvest to be their official marijuana-grower.

Nash and Little have just published a how-to book on starting a marijuana-growing operation, a step-by-step guide to making money by becoming federally licensed to sell marijuana.

"We saw that the demand was there. On our website, people kept asking, how do we get started, and it just made sense to put it all together in a book," said Nash.

The book provides hard-to-find government information on starting a growing operation and includes application forms for a federal licence.

Nash said there are lots of books and Internet websites available to teach people how to grow pot, but Sell Marijuana Legally, which is available online for $19.95, is more like a business plan.

The two have 90 marijuana plants on their site, which is not at their home, and if they receive authorization from 30 more customers, they will eventually have 450 plants.

With five customers they already make enough money to turn a profit, said Nash, who wouldn't specify how much revenue the business makes.

"It's incredibly satisfying. I've never done anything in my life this satisfying. We are supplying a product that helps people in their day-to-day existence deal with their pain issues," said Nash, who is a web designer. Little is a teacher.

"Our book is about our intent to comply with the government program and how to do this in a legal framework as opposed to the black market."

Across Canada, 757 people have authorization to take marijuana for medical use. They can either grow the plant themselves or designate a grower for them.

The designated marijuana growers are only allowed to grow a limited amount for use of a specific client.

The only other authorized grower is the Canadian government, which has plants in Flin Flon, Man.

"Many people who can have medical marijuana end up going to the black market because they're not happy with the Flin Flon supply," Nash said.

"We hope with our book, more people will grow and sell to supply to these patients and adhere to quality-based cultivation."

Nash and Little never expected to go into pot, but were motivated two years ago to begin researching after a relative with multiple sclerosis asked for help in figuring out how to obtain medical marijuana.

They grow two different strains of marijuana. The sativa plant, which is tall, is for energy and stimulating patients. Indica, a shorter, bushier strain, provides sedating and analgesic results.

The marijuana, which sells for $100 an ounce, is shipped to customers in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario, who have to sign for it on delivery.

Petti Fong - Vancouver Sun

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Sell Marijuana Legally
A Complete Guide to Starting Your Marijuana Business

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Wendy Little and Eric Nash.
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"Anyone thinking of moving into what may well be the Canadian business venture of the 21st century would do well to pick up a copy of Sell Marijuana Legally."
- John Threlfall, Monday Magazine Editor, November 17, 2004.

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This book is sold out.




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