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Medical Marijuana Producer License Information - Canada

Quality Control - Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR)

Quality Assurance and Analytical Testing of Cannabis

To date, dried marihuana has not been authorized as a therapeutic product in Canada or in any other country. In addition, no international standards currently exist specifically for the quality of dried marihuana.

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Dried marihuana produced by a Licensed Producer, while exempt from the application of the Food and Drug Regulations via the Marihuana Exemption (Food and Drugs Act) Regulations other than in the context of marihuana to be used in a clinical trial, is subject to provisions in the Food and Drugs Act. This includes a general prohibition (paragraph 8(a) and (b)) against the sale of a drug that was "manufactured, prepared, preserved, packaged or stored under unsanitary conditions; or is adulterated".

Division 4 of the MMPR includes Good Production Practices (GPP) requirements relating to the premises, storage of dried marihuana, equipment, the sanitation program, standard operating procedures, recall of product, and quality assurance personnel. Additionally, the MMPR provide compliance and enforcement measures, allowing for refusal, suspension or revocation of a producer's licence on the basis of risks to public health, safety or security.

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