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Dispensing and Selling Marijuana From a Pharmacy in Canada

How to get licensed for pharmacy distribution and retail sales of medical cannabis

If you're interested in finding out about legally dispensing and selling medical cannabis for medical purposes in your Canadian pharmacy, we can assist you with the regulatory licensing process.

Whether you operate a small independent retail pharmacy business or a franchise, a mid-sized chain of several pharmacies or a large corporate chain, there are many opportunities to look at for the retail pharmacy-based distribution and sales of medical cannabis in Canada.

For patients and medical consumers, it is advantageous to purchase from a licensed pharmacy. Trained pharmacists with experience in drug interactions, side effects and medical conditions are now learning about the endocannabinoid receptor system.

Physicians and doctors are starting to acknowledge the clinical research and benefits of therapeutic cannabis and cannabis-based medicines when prescribing to their patients.

In chronic pain management, cannabis has certain advantages over some opioid based medications and there is now a movement towards a more natural health based approach.

However, cannabis is still a controlled drug, and as such, the process of pharmacy-based distribution and sales requires a complex licensing process with Health Canada.

Our experienced team of experts in regulatory affairs for natural health products and the pharmaceutical industry can help you.

If you require professional assistance with the regulatory process and licensing for pharmacy-based medical cannabis distribution, please contact us.


How to get licensed to produce, distribute and sell cannabis legally in Canada.

If you require information, help with your application or consulting, please contact us.

If you want to start a legal commercial cannabis business in Canada, we can help you.


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