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Opportunity: Licenced Commercial Production - Marihuana

The proposed Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) would treat dried marihuana as much as possible like a medication by creating a licensing scheme for the commercial production and distribution of dried marihuana for medical purposes.

The proposed MMPR would authorize three key activities: the possession of dried marihuana for medical purposes by individuals who have the support of an authorized health care practitioner; the production of dried marihuana by licensed producers; and the sale and distribution of dried marihuana by specific regulated parties to individuals who can possess it.

Licensed producers would be subject to regulatory requirements related to security; good production practices; packaging, labelling and shipping; record keeping and reporting; and distribution. They would also be subject to Health Canada inspections.

The major benefits of the proposed MMPR are projected to include reduction in safety and security risks posed by marihuana cultivation in homes, reduction in Program administrative costs, and benefit to producers due to a higher market price and a reduction in economic inefficiency from the removal of current government subsidies on marihuana sold by Health Canada.

In effect, the proposed regulations would create a brand new industry in Canada.

How do I apply to become a licensed producer under the new MMPR?

All applicants for a producer's licence would have to comply with the regulatory requirements of the proposed Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Click here for more...

Commercial Marijuana Production

In this regard, Health Canada has identified compliance with requirements relating to the many aspects of production and distribution as being key to obtaining a commercial producer licence.

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