Canada's Leading Marijuana Consultants 

Providing over ten years of cannabis industry expertise to your business

We offer you professional qualified expert testimony

We provide years of professional experience writing independent and unbiased expert reports on subjective areas such as marijuana crop yields, crop monetary values, personal usage, and issues pertaining to odor and shelf-life for your court case.

  • Precedent Case Knowledge
    To save you time, use our knowledgable and professional expertise of precedent setting cases for your defence arguments.
  • Expert Evidence Report
    You are provided with accurate and detailed information in an expert evidence report. Depending on the charges, the report could include realistic marijuana crop yield, value assessments, usage estimates and usage comparisons.
  • Expert Witness Affidavit
    If you require accurate expert evidence to present in court, a sworn and signed expert witness affidavit can be prepared.
  • Qualified Court Appearance
    You are provided with qualified expert testimony in court. Mr. Nash's testimony enables you to present balanced, realistic, accurate arguments in court.


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