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Recreational Marijuana Industry and Business in Canada

How to get licensed as a commercial business to produce and sell marijuana

Currently in Canada, it is legal to produce, distribute and sell marijuana for medical purposes under federal license. We've provided consulting for corporations, organizations and individuals for many years and have assisted companies in obtaining federal licensing approval.

The Trudeau Liberal government has stated that in Spring 2017 they are introducing legislation to legalize the recreational production, sales and use of cannabis in Canada.

In 2016, our team was invited by Canada's Cannabis Secretariat to advise at the Trudeau government's Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Roundtable session in Vancouver, BC.

At the sessions, we provided advice and opinions on cannabis policy with former Deputy Prime Minister, Health & Justice Minister Anne McLellan and former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

Many licensed publicly-traded and private companies now operate in this new economic sector and many more are starting up on a daily basis to meet market demands with legalization coming soon.

The Canadian legalization task force, headed by former Toronto police chief Bill Blair, has said that the current medical "licensed producers offer a very strong model to build upon as Ottawa tries to build a functional market."

In other words, it is likely that the licensed medical cannabis producers will be serving the recreational cannabis market when cannabis is legalized in Canada.

It is also probable that the recreational cannabis licensed producer application process will mirror the current medical licensed marijuana producer application process.

If you're planning to start a commercial cannabis business in Canada, we can help you become licensed to legally operate your marijuana business in this new and diverse industry sector.

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) allows you to grow cannabis at home for personal medical use or produce, distribute and sell marijuana commercially as a business. As such, there are different types of licenses.

Are you applying for a commercial Production License through Health Canada's ACMPR program? We provide consulting for the application process. Contact us for details.


Introduction to the new 2017 Cannabis Act: Questions and Answers


If you require information, help with your business application or consulting, please contact us.

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