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Marijuana Mailing, Packaging and Shipping in Canada

Health Canada Cannabis Packaging and Shipping Policies for Designated Growers

Guidelines for Delivering Medical Marihuana by Designated-Person Production Licence Holders


The Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) provide seriously ill persons residing in Canada with a process by which they can obtain marihuana for medical purposes.

Under the Regulations the holder of an Authorization to Possess (AP) can access marihuana produced by the holder of a Designated-Person Production Licence (DPPL).

Access includes the shipment of dried marihuana under secure conditions. The intent is to provide alternatives for authorized persons to obtain a legal supply of marihuana when they are unable to produce marihuana for themselves and choose not to access the dried marihuana produced on contract to the government.

Marijuana Packaging Requirements:

Under provisions of section 34(1)(d) of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations the designated-person production licence holder shall

(a) securely pack the marihuana in a package that

(i) prevents the contents from being identified without the package being opened, and
(ii) is sealed so that the package cannot be opened without the seal being broken;

Shipping and Packaging Guidelines:

Select packaging with the right size, shape and strength for your goods
Use cushioning material to make sure that the contents cannot easily move (newspaper and foam chips can help to fill empty spaces and curb movement)
Double bag the marihuana in plastic to seal and minimize scent
Firmly seal all seams of the package with quality packaging tape to ensure item stays closed for the entire journey (string, masking tape, or ordinary household tape are not recommended)

(b) use a method of sending that involves

(i) a means of tracking the package during transit,
(ii) obtaining a signed acknowledgment of receipt by the holder of the authorization to possess, and
(iii) safekeeping of the package during transit.

Marijuana Mailing and Shipping Policy Guidelines:

Use a service provider, for example a national courier company or Canada Post, that offers both tracking during transit and a signature on delivery
Clearly label the package with the name and address of the authorized person
Do not indicate in any way on the outside of the package the contents


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Canada Post Packaging and Shipping Policies for Marijuana Delivery Services

Canada Post Marijuana Mailing and Shipping Policy

To: Health Canada, Office of Cannabis Medical Access
From: Canada Post Corporation, Product Management
Subject: Canada Post policies for delivery of medicinal marijuana

This is to confirm Canada Post's policies for the delivery of medicinal marijuana should an individual that is authorized by Health Canada decide to use Canada Post's delivery services.


The entire process is to be kept anonymous. Canada Post is not to be aware of the content of the package and there is to be no indication or markings on the outside of the package as to its contents.


Sender must package the contents in such a way as to minimize scent and damage during postal handling.

Sender must purchase a barcoded product with signature - this includes $100 insurance coverage against loss/damage.


Due to the extremely sensitive nature and perceived high risk of carrying the substance, Canada Post's maximum liability for medicinal marijuana has been limited to $100 per shipment.

For a claim/payment to be made, the sender must provide proof that they are authorized by Health Canada to grow/send the substance.

A claim for loss/damage can be initiated by contacting Customer Service at 1-888-550-6333.

A claim for loss/damage must be submitted within 90 days from the date of mailing. However, due to the sensitive nature, the sender should notify Customer Service 5 days after the delivery standard if no delivery information is available on the Canada Post web site ( and the addressee denies receipt.

Canada Post Protocol for "Suspicious Packages"

Canada Post does not open or investigate packages at random. Canada Post does however, have a standard procedure to follow should a package be suspect of containing an illicit or dangerous substance. For this to happen the package may have been broken open in process or has a distinct odor to it.

If a suspicious package is found to contain a potentially illegal substance, it will be given to law enforcement for investigation.

Given the anonymity of the sender/receiver, Canada Post will not know whether the sender/receiver is licensed with Health Canada and therefore in a legal position to send/receive marijuana for medicinal purposes. Due to privacy legislation, Health Canada is not in a position to release that information to Canada Post.

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