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How to Start, Open and Operate a Legal Cannabis Clinic in Canada

If you are interested in starting a business by helping people to facilitate their access to legal cannabis as therapeutic medicine, operating a medical marijuana clinic may be for you.

A clinic differs from a dispensary or compassion club in the sense that a clinic does not provide or sell marijuana nor does it have any cannabis present on site. It is merely a completely legal business model to provide customers with legal access to cannabis.

Many people in Canada use cannabis therapeutically and for personal medical purposes but cannot get legally authorized to use and possess marijuana. This is often because patients either don't feel comfortable speaking with their physician about medical cannabis use, or their doctor will not sign the Health Canada forms authorizing legal use.

Legal medical cannabis access is often difficult in Canada because doctors are the gatekeepers for legal medical cannabis use. Yet Canadians who use cannabis for valid personal medical reasons want to become legally authorized and able to possess and use it without fear of criminal prosecution. And this is where a cannabis clinic come in.

The purpose of a clinic is to enroll customers legally through the use of a physician who understands the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid receptors and believes in the therapeutic benefits and medicinal value of cannabis and will prescribe cannabis on a case by case basis.

In the cannabis industry, marijuana clinics are often referred to as "patient aggregators" and work on a fee-based and referral or commission basis. As a viable legal business model, running a clinic can be both very lucrative and rewarding.

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