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Areas of Expertise: Cannabis - Commercial Industry, Regulatory, Policy, Business

2016: Expert advisor to federal Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Task Force roundtable

2002 – 2016: Co-founders, Principals, Island Harvest® Inc. Medical Cannabis, producer of world's first certified organic medical grade cannabis. Manufacturing, processing, distribution, quality control

2010 – 2013:
Consultant to Health Canada - Licenced Commercial Production & regulatory framework, safety, security, quality - medical marihuana (MMPR)

2008 – 2016:
Medical Cannabis Industry Consultant - ACMPR/MMAR/MMPR transition, regulatory, processing, production, distribution, security, QA/QC.

2005 – 2016:
Court Qualified Expert Witness: Provincial, Supreme, Federal - cannabis; yield, value, usage, MMAR policy

2014 – 2015: Members, Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (CMCIA)

2004 – 2012: Consultant to Health Canada - MMAR regulatory policy development (Marihuana Medical Access Regulations) industry regulatory affairs, recommendations to government

2004 – 2010: Co-founders, Principal, PhytoCan Pharmaceuticals Inc. cannabis medicines

2004 – 2010:
Co-founders, Director, Cannabis Trade Association (CTA)

Consultant to United Nations Global Forum on International Drug Policy

Consultant to Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC) - Titan Analysis Project

2005 – 2006:
Consultant: plant-yield data for the United Nations Global Cannabis Study

2005 – 2006:
Appointee, National Cannabis Steering Committee for Canadian AIDS Society

Co-author of research study, Canadian Medical Cannabis Market Sector Analysis Report

Consultant to Health Canada’s MMAR Multi-Stakeholder Committee in Ottawa

Co-authors - sold-out critically acclaimed book on federal Canadian MMAR program

2003 – 2004:
University instructors on Health Canada’s medical marijuana access program

2001: Launched Canada's largest and most successful medical cannabis website


Related Professional Cannabis Industry Experience

Since 2001 Eric Nash and Wendy Little have worked extensively within the regulatory framework of the federal 'Marihuana Medical Access Regulations' (MMAR), and acted as consultants to Health Canada in Ottawa at their MMAR Multi-Stakeholder Consultation Sessions. For two years they were educators and facilitators of a university level course on the federal government Health Canada medical marijuana access program.

Over a decade of experience as licenced production facility operators in cannabis cultivation. Highly skilled at commercial marijuana crop production, supervising all aspects of government inspected seeding, propagation and cultivation throughout all phases of plant growth. Five consecutive years of certified organic indoor cannabis crop production in British Columbia.

In 2003, their company Island Harvest became the world's first producer of certified organic medical grade cannabis and they distributed product to authorized patients across Canada.

For over 10 years Nash and Little have managed the licenced harvesting, drying, storing, quality control, inventory, packaging and shipping of cannabis. Excellent knowledge of legal medical marijuana consumer use allowances, and provided input to Health Canada on the development of federal government cannabis shipping policies with Canada Post.

Appointed to the National Cannabis Steering Committee for the Canadian AIDS Society, and provided cannabis plant yield data to the United Nations for their Global Cannabis Study. Also authored a research study on the medical cannabis market in Canada, including a financial analysis of all current distribution models. Extensive knowledge of existing legal cannabis distribution models in Canada.

Authored a well-received, critically-acclaimed and successful book on Health Canada's medical cannabis access program, founded Island Harvest and PhytoCan Pharmaceuticals, two B.C. cannabis-based companies. Also founded the Cannabis Trade Association, a non-profit association advancing regulatory aspects of cannabis trade policy development and providing an educated voice in the cannabis agriculture industry.

Nash has provided data for, and appeared as a court-qualified expert witness in many of the major medical cannabis constitutional challenges across Canada including Hitzig v. Canada, R v. Beren and Swallow, Sfetkopoulos v. Canada and Allard et al v. Canada.

From 2010 to 2013, Nash and Little were invited by Health Canada's Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulatory Reform to advise on the regulatory framework of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). They attended private consultation sessions with Health Canada's Director General of Controlled Substances and group sessions with Health Canada's Ottawa team to provide input on new Canadian medical cannabis policy.

In 2014, Nash and Little's company Island Harvest received "Ready to Build" approval status from Health Canada for the licensed commercial production, distribution and sales of medical cannabis in Canada. Their company, Island Harvest, successfully met all the MMPR application criteria for the licensed commercial production, including security, record-keeping and quality assurance.

In 2016, the Trudeau government and Canada's new Cannabis Secretariat in Ottawa invited Nash and Little as experts to attend and advise at the “Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Task Force Roundtable” sessions in Vancouver with former Deputy Prime Minister, Health & Justice Minister Anne McLellan and former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

They now provide full-time services as independent cannabis industry business consultants for publicly-traded corporations, private companies, organizations, individuals and groups.

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Qualified as Expert in Provincial Court, Supreme Court of BC and Federal Court

  • Qualified to render an opinion in marihuana cultivation, yield sizes, crop estimates, production practices, storage, personal usage amounts, packaging and modes of ingestion.
  • Qualified as expert in production of marihuana, including the growth cycles of the plant, the yields, harvest, curing, storage, production of marihuana writ large.
  • Qualified as expert in the Health Canada Marihuana Medical Access program and Regulations, including the effects of the Regulations on end users and supply of marihuana to end users within and outside the auspices of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR).


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