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How to get a retail license to sell marijuana in the Yukon

Any person, business, corporation or organization can apply for a license to legally operate a business to produce, distribute or sell marijuana in Canada.

Yukon cannabis retail distribution and sales licensing

  • Yukon

Legal Age

Yukon proposes setting the minimum age for the legal possession, consumption and cultivation of cannabis at 19. As in many other jurisdictions where cannabis is legal, Yukon’s minimum age would be consistent with the legal age for alcohol.

Possessing Cannabis

In Yukon, adults 19 and older would be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, or its equivalent, in public. This aligns with the federal government’s proposed possession limit for adults.

Young people — those under the legal age of 19 — would not be allowed to purchase or possess any cannabis. Possession of any amount of cannabis by a person under the legal age of possession would be a territorial offence.

Growing Cannabis

Yukon proposes aligning with the federal government’s decision and allow adults to grow up to four plants per household for personal use.

Note that the Government of Canada has the sole authority to grant licences to grow cannabis commercially. This is not under the Government of Yukon’s jurisdiction.

Consumption of Cannabis

The new act would limit recreational consumption to privately owned residences and adjoining property, where permitted by the owner, while providing for the potential to allow consumption in other spaces in the future. This approach puts the initial focus on public health and harm reduction.

Distribution and Retail Sales of Cannabis

The federal legislation provides authority for provinces and territories to licence and oversee the distribution and sale of cannabis.

The focus of Yukon’s proposed approach is to keep cannabis out of the hands of young people, reduce harm caused by unhealthy cannabis use, and to keep the profits from the sale of cannabis out of the hands of criminals and criminal enterprise.

Distribution of Cannabis

The Government of Yukon would have the sole authority to import, warehouse, transport and otherwise distribute recreational cannabis within Yukon for commercial purposes.

This proposed approach provides government with the opportunity to control the supply chain and the price of cannabis, which will help reduce illicit activity. It also ensures the legitimacy and quality of cannabis for retail sale.

Retail Sales of Cannabis

The Government of Yukon will ensure that Yukoners have legal access to cannabis upon federal legalization next year. Our proposed approach acknowledges the need for additional time to develop regulations, including a licensing system for private retail that will reflect Yukon’s interests and values.

Retail Co-location

Yukon would not allow cannabis to be sold in retail locations that sell alcohol.


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