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Have You Been Busted and/or Charged with a Marijuana Offence?

Have you been charged with possession, production or trafficking of marijuana, hashish, cannabis plants, extracts, edibles or oils?

While some cases may share similar characteristics, every case is different and presents its own specific challenges and opportunities. For this reason, it's important to remember that success in past cases don't necessarily reflect future results and that the outcomes of any particular legal matter can vary considerably according to the facts in each individual case.

If you are convicted under Canada’s drug laws, you could face the possibility of having a criminal record that could affect your ability to travel anywhere outside of Canada. A drug record could also affect your future employment, and you may also face the possibility of a substantial jail sentence if you are found guilty.

The new mandatory minimum drug laws have severe penalties that carry mandatory prison terms.

If you need a criminal defence lawyer, legal assistance or a court qualified expert witness for a cannabis related case, please contact us.

If you've been busted or charged, contact us now, and we can help you.




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