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Business Planning and Finances for the Marijuana Industry in Canada

How to prepare your business plan for the cannabis industry.

In Canada, any individual, business, corporation or organization can apply for a federal license to legally operate a business to produce, distribute or sell marijuana. The marijuana industry is rapidly evolving and becoming a significant sector in our economy and many great opportunities exist.

You will be either producing a product and selling it, or you will be purchasing a product and reselling it. And of course, there are many other service and product-based businesses and ancillary areas in the marijuana industry which require financial planning before you start your business.

Whether it's retail or wholesale marijuana production, distribution or sales, part of the process of starting your business is to begin researching the financial opportunity, risks involved and the skills and resources required to conduct business. This involves compiling the details and breaking down components of the costs of doing business and preparing your business plan accordingly.

To state it simply, a business plan is a guide for your business that outlines goals and specific details on how you plan to achieve those goals. And legally operating within the cannabis industry is like any other business and economic sector in business planning considerations.

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A good business plan states your business goals, how you are going to reach those goals, and the plans for reaching them. Business plans also often present detailed background information about your organization or team with information on milestones to reach those goals.

Business plans can be short or long, simple or complex. The degree of simplicity or complexity is typically dictated by your purpose for writing a business plan and your target audience for writing a business plan. There are many different formats of business plans and it is important to first decide which one to prepare, depending on your purpose and your needs.

There are also certain specific areas in the cannabis sector that require careful consideration. Some of these points involve legal issues, regulatory affairs, licensing and complex government operational details which will undoubtedly affect your business plan and your milestones in reaching the target goals.

If you require assistance in preparing a business plan for your cannabis venture, our team can help. Additionally, if you are applying as a business to legally cultivate, dispense and sell marijuana in Canada, we can assist you, your team or corporation with the regulatory licensing process.

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How to get licensed to produce, distribute and sell cannabis legally in Canada.

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