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Asset Forfeiture and Marijuana Charges

Asset forfeiture is a term used to describe the confiscation of assets which are either the proceeds of crime, or items used in the crime itself. For instance, instruments used in crimes are property that were used to facilitate crime; for example vehicles used to transport illegal drugs.

Real estate and property used for the production of marijuana is also used as an instrument of crime. There is now a growing trend to utilize asset forfeiture in many drug related cases.

The global trend in using asset forfeiture and civil litigation is intended to recover the proceeds of crime. In recent years, because of the financial prosperity generated from drug-related crimes, the seizure, confiscation or forfeiture element has been added to the criminal process in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Recent Canadian examples of jurisdictions that have introduced civil forfeiture legislation include Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Many other regions are in the process of introducing such policy and legislation in the near future.

Law enforcement agencies and government are discovering the benefits of seizing assets such as houses, real estate, vehicles, boats, planes, jewelry and luxury items to recover the proceeds of crime, lost tax revenues and to collect damages.

Many people convicted of running marijuana grow operations are now having their homes seized.


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